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Name: New Info Promos
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♦ Purchasing in China
Sourcing service for Clients; Sourcing service in different areas; Purchasing and assembling service
for products.
♦ Import and export customs clearance services
AA Grade Company; Credit Export Company; “Green Channel” in custom clearance; Rare rate of
customs inspection; Fast customs clearance.
♦ Logistic and storage service
Large warehouse for storage; Support Less Container Load; Competitive shipping rate from our
forwarder partners.
♦ Products design and packaging
Our special design team makes sure that any customer demanded designs or artworks are
available, offer any private packaging to our customers.
♦ Quality Control

We inspect every items very carefully, to make sure that you receive every item in good packing,

quality and all with correct writing and package.

♦ Market research and analysis
If you are interest on the products, we can make market research and analysis for you, we will let
you know which items are good selling in the market and what is new and etc.

♦ Finance and insurance service
We offer flexible payment terms to our customers, any payment term T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A are
available on our customer's demand. Insurance service is also available to meet our customers
special needs.
♦ Deal with the import &export documents
Prepare necessary import & export documents for our customers. Including Contract, Commericial invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Original, FORM A, Price List issued by CCPIT, Certificate of Fumigation, Commodity Inspection Certificat, CNCA and any other documents required by our customers.
♦ Agency services
Agency services in Yiwu, Ningbo, Shantou, Guangzhou, all over China.
♦ Special service
Ticket Booking, Pick-up service, Any Language Translators, Shopping service, Tourism, and etc.